Now Or Never

Now Or Never

Count:  32

Wall:  4

Level:  Intermediate / Advanced cha cha

Choreographer:  Kathy Hunyadi

Music:  Groove With Me Tonight (Pablo Flores Spanglish Radio Mix) by MDO

Dance starts right after the heavy beat kicks in. As they say ”It’s now or never girl…”

Cha-Cha Basic, Crossover Break, Side Together

1-2-3 Step right to side, rock left forward, recover to right
4&5 Step left to side, step right together, step left to side
6-7 Cross/rock right over left, recover to left
8& Step right to side, step left together

Right Turn ¼, Right Turn ½, Triple Forward, Rock N’ Roll Cha-Cha

1-2-3 Turn ¼ right and step right forward, step left forward, turn ½ right (weight to right)
4&5 Shuffle forward left, right, left
Make that shuffle forward in 3rd position

Rock n’ roll

These Are Done With Cha-Cha Timing. Bend Your Knees, Use Your Hips.
6-7 Rock right forward, recover to left
8&1 Rock right forward, recover to left, rock right forward
2-3 Rock left forward, recover to right

Crossing Triple Back, Reverse Turn ½ Right, Right Turn ½, Step Together

4&5 Step left back, lock right over left, step left back
6-7 Turn ½ right and step right forward, turn ½ right and step left back
8& Step right slightly forward, step left together

Touch, Cross; Touch, Cross; Locking Triple Forward; Locking Triple Forward

1-2 Touch right toe to side, cross right over left
3-4 Touch left toe to side, cross left behind right
5&6 Step right forward, lock left behind right, step right forward
7&8 Step left forward, lock right behind left, step left forward