Beer For My Horses

Beer For My Horses

Count:  40

Wall:  4

Level:  Beginner / Intermediate

Choreographer:  Christine Bass

Music:  Beer For My Horses by Toby Keith

Right heel grind, right coaster step, turn ¼ left heel grind, left coaster step

1-2 Step right heel forward, step left slightly to side
3&4 Step right back, step left together, step right forward
5-6 Step left heel forward, step right slightly to side
This has been verified by the choreographer. it is a left turn ¼, and may be done as part of the left heel grind
7&8 Turn ¼ left and step left back, step right together, step left forward

Shuffle forward, rock step, shuffle back, step back, touch

1&2 Shuffle forward right, left, right
3-4 Rock left forward, recover to right
5&6 Shuffle back left, right, left
7-8 Step right back, cross/touch left toe over right

Step, touch, cross, touch, cross, step back, turn ¼, touch

1-2 Step left forward, touch right toe to side
3-4 Cross right over left, touch left toe to side
5-6 Cross left over right, step right back
7-8 Turn ¼ left and step left forward, touch right together

Side shuffle right, back rock, side shuffle left, back rock

1&2 Step right to side, step left together, step right to side
3-4 Rock left back, recover to right
5&6 Step left to side, step right together, step left to side
7-8 Rock right back, recover to left

Grapevine turn ¼, step ½, turn ¼, behind, turn ¼

1-2 Step right to side, cross left behind right
3-4 Turn ¼ right and step right forward, step left forward
5-6 Turn ½ right (weight to right), turn ¼ right and step left to side
7-8 Cross right behind left, turn ¼ left and step left forward