Hösten 2022

Jakobsberg, Huset på höjden / Fredagar / Lätt Improver


Vecka: Utlärd dans: Repetition Lätt Improver: Repetition Improver:
38 Repetition Dance Without A Partner, Summer Shake, Tequila Little Cha, Hey Now, Baby Blues
39 Nothing But You (Yeah You) Senorita Tu
40 Dancin’ In The Moonlight Higher & Higher
41 Love Flow Until The Dawn, Just A Memory
42 Repetition
43 Train Swing Do It With Style, I Close My Eyes
44 Closer Loco Amor
45 Inställd
46 Your Heaven! Take Me To The River – Easy
47 Like A Fine Wine When You Smile
48 Half Past Tipsy
49 Action
50 Repetition