Jag trodde änglarna fanns!


Jag trodde änglarna fanns! – (I Thought Angels Existed!)

Count: 32
Wall: 4
Level: Improver
Choreographer: Jessica Boström (SWE) August 2017
Music: Jag trodde änglarna fanns – Single. Kamferdrops (William Kristoffersen)

Intro: 4 secs in, 32 counts. App. 21 secs. into track. Start with weight on L.

S1: Side. Together. Chassé. Cross Rock. Chassé 1/4.
1-2 Step R to R side. Step L beside R.
3&4 Step R to R side, step L beside R, step R to R side.
5-6 Cross rock L over R, recover onto R.
7&8 Step L to L side, step R beside L, 1/4 turn L stepping fwd on L. (9.00)

S2: 1/2 Back Shuffle. Back Rock. 1/2 Back Shuffle. Back Rock.
1&2 Make a 1/2 L and shuffle back on R,L,R. (3.00)
3-4 Rock back on L. Recover onto R.
5&6 Make a 1/2 R and shuffle back on L,R,L. (9.00)
7-8 Rock back on R. Recover onto L.

S3: Cross Samba x 2. Jazzbox touch.
1&2 Cross step R over L, side rock L to L side, recover onto R.
3&4 Cross step L over R, side rock R to R side, recover onto L.
5,6,7,8 Cross R over L, step back on L, step R to R side, touch L beside R. Weight on R. (9.00)

S4: Triple 1/2. Slow Rocking Chair. Kick Ball Cross.
1&2 Make a 1/2 tripple turn L stepping fwd L,R,L. (3.00)
(More like in a small half circle shape, rather than a sharp turn.)
3-4 Rock fwd on R. Recover onto L.
5-6 Rock back on R. Recover onto L.
7&8 Kick R fwd, step R beside L, cross L over R. (3.00)

End of dance! Have fun!

Contact: jessica.bostrom@hotmail.com