East To West 17

Count: 32
Wall: 4
Level: Improver

Choreographer: Alison Johnstone (Nuline) & Simon Ward (Aus) Jan 2017
Music: Play That Song (Train) Album: A Girl A Bottle A Boat (4 mins 3 Sec)
Start: On Heavy Beat (23 Seconds) Counter Clockwise

Restarts: Two Easy Restarts Wall 2 Facing 9 O’clock, Wall 6 Facing 12 O’clock, Both after 16& Counts

(1-8)    Cross Rock, Recover, Ball, Cross, Side, Weave, Back Rock, Recover
1, 2&    Cross rock on R, Recover on L, Ball step on R (&)
3, 4    Cross L over R, Step R to side
5&6&    Cross L behind R, R to side (&), Cross L over R, R to side (&)
7, 8    Rock back on L, Recover on R (12.00)

(9-16)    Hinge 1/2 Right, Cross Shuffle, Walk Fwd, Walk 1/8, Shuffle 3/8, Ball Step
1, 2    Step Back on L turning 1/4 Rt, Step R to side turning 1/4 R (6.00)
3&4    Cross L over R, Step R to side (&), Cross L over R
5, 6    Walk fwd on R, Walk fwd on L making 1/8 turn over L (4.30)
7&8&    Shuffle R, L, R making a 3/8 turn over L, Ball step on L (&) (12.00)
** Counts 5-8 make a nice big 1/2 arc over L **

(17-24)    Fwd Rock, Recover, Back Lock Step, Back Rock, Recover, 1/2 Turn Shuffle
1, 2    Rock fwd R, Recover on L
3&4    Step back on R, Cross L over R (7), Step back on R
5, 6    Rock back on L, Recover on R
7&8    Step back on L making 1/2 turn over R, Step R next to L, step back L (6.00)

(25-32)    1/4 Side Step, Cross, Vaudeville, Side Rock, Recover, Sailor Step
1, 2    Step R to side turning 1/4 over R, Cross L over R (9.00)
&3&4    Small step R (&), Tap L heel to L corner, Step L next to R (&), Cross R over L
5, 6    Side rock on L, Recover on R
7&8    Step L behind R, Step R to side, Step L to side


ENDING: You will be facing 6.00. Turn Sailor Step at end of dance 1/2 over L to face 12.00. Cross R over L splaying arms to side and smile

Thank you to Simon’s auntie and my bestie (Jan Chong) for the music suggestion.

We called the dance EAST TO WEST as Simon lives on the East Coast of Australia and Alison lives on the West Coast of Australia!

We hope you enjoy our dance

Last Update – 23rd Jan 2017