The Way You Look

The Way You Look

Count:  64

Wall:  4

Level:  Intermediate

Choreographer:  Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse, Raymond Sarlemijn (Feb 2015)

Music:  The Way You Look at Me – Vinten ft Clarence Coffee jr

Intro – 32 count (12 seconds from start of track)

S1: Sailor, Touch X2, Step Touch X2

1,2& Step LF to L, step RF behind L, step LF to L
3,4 Touch RF to R, touch RF beside L
5,6 Step RF forward diagonal, touch LF beside R
7,8 Step LF forward diagonal, touch RF beside L

S2: Stomp, Swivel Left Heel Toe Heel, Twist Heel Toe Heel

1,2 Step RF forward diagonal, twist L heel in
3,4 Twist L toe in, twist L heel in (bring LF closer to RF)
5,6 Twist both heels to L, twist both toes to L
7,8 Twist both heels to L, hitch R knee up (12.00)
Tag 2 happens here on 7th wall (6.00)

S3: Step Hitch X2, Step Point X2

1,2 Step RF down, hitch L knee up making ¼ turn L
3,4 Step LF down making ¼ L, hitch R knee up (6.00)
5,6 Step RF down, point LF to L
7,8 Step LF forward, point RF to R

S4: Out Out In In, Knee Pops, Jazz Box With A Cross

&1 Step RF out to R diagonal, step LF out to L diagonal
&2 Step RF in, close LF next to R
3,4 Bounce both heels (popping both knees slightly)
5,6 Cross RF over L, step LF back
7,8 Step RF to R, cross LF over R

S5: Slide, Heel Grind, Behind, Touch

1-4 Make large step R, drag LF next to R
5,6 Cross L heel in front of R, grind L heel step RF to R
7,8 Step LF behind R, touch RF to R

S6: Step Touch X2, Step, Twist, Twist, Flick

1,2 Step RF back, touch LF to L side
3,4 Step LF back, touch RF to R side
5,6 Step RF back (split weight) twist feet ½ turn R (Left heel should lift and twist, while your Right toe fans to Right keeping weight on R heel, 12.00)
7,8 Twist ½ turn L (recover from twist 6.00), flick RF back

S7: Stomp, Bounce X2, Hitch, Step Flick X2

1-4 Stomp RF forward (All weight leaning forward) bounce body back for 2 counts, hitch R knee for count 4
5,6 Step RF forward, flick LF behind R
7,8 Step LF forward, flick RF behind L

S8: Grapevine ¼ Turn, Heel Twists X2

1,2 Make ¼ L stepping RF to R, step LF behind R
3,4 Step R to R side, close LF next to R
5,6 Twist both heels to L, bring both heels back (heels to lift of the floor)
7,8 Twist both heels to L, bring both heels back (weight ending on R)

Tag 1- On End Of Wall 2 (Facing 6.00)

1,2 Step LF to L, touch RF next to L
3,4 Step RF to R, touch LF next to R

Tag 2 – (facing 6.00) – During Wall 7 Do First 16 Counts, Up To The Hitch

1-4 Stomp RF down, hold for 3 counts (weight to stay on RF)
We hope you enjoy.