Those Were The Days

Those Were The Days

Count:  32

Wall:  2

Level:  Higher Beginner

Choreographer:  Daniel Whittaker & Rob Fowler (UK) July 2014

Music:  Those Were the Days by Hermes House Band. Album: Greatest Hits (3:40 – iTunes)

Note: There are 3 easy tags end of wall 4, 6, 7 *** it only took me 2min 20 seconds to teach this dance ***
Start: Start after the saying ”Those were the ..” Start on the word “Days” (25 seconds in to the song)


Walk Right, Left, Shuffle, Rock Step Coaster Cross

1-2 Walk forward right left12:00
3&4 Shuffle forward R-L-R12:00
5-6 Rock forward left, recover weight back on right12:00
7&8 Step left foot back, close right to left, step left over right12:00


Grapevive, Kick Left, Kick Right, Touch Behind

1-4 Step right to right, cross left behind, step right to right, kick left across right12:00
5-6 Step left to left, kick right across left12:00
7-8 Step right to ride side, touch left toe behind right12:00


Rolling Vine 1 ¼ Turn Shuffle, Rock Coaster Cross

1-2 Step left foot ¼ turn left (09:00), make ½ turn left stepping back right (03:00)03:00
3&4 Shuffle ½ turn left stepping left, right, left09:00
5-6 Rock right foot forward, recover weight on left09:00
7&8 Step right foot back, close left to right, step right over left09:00


Side Rock, Cross Over ¼ Turn, Walk Back Touch, Full Turn

1-2 Rock left to left side, recover weight on right09:00
3-4 Cross left over right, make ¼ turn left stepping right foot back06:00
5-6 Step left foot back, touch right toe back06:00
7-8& Step right foot forward, make ½ turn right stepping left foot back, make further ½ turn right slightly hitching right (note this little hitch is preperation to start from the beginning of the dance facing the back wall)12:00

There are 3 very easy tags


Tag 1: Rocking Chair (End of wall 4)12:00

1-4 Rock right forward, recover, rock right back recover

Tag 2: Rock Step, Coaster Step, Rock Step Coaster Step (End of wall 6) *Note: Music slows down for all of wall 7 *12:00

1-2 Rock right foot forward, recover weight back on left
3&4 Step right back, close left beside right, step right foot forward
5-6 Rock left foot forward, recover weight back on right
7&8 Step left back, close right beside left, step left foot forward

Tag 3: Rocking Chair (End of wall 7) * Note: Music dramaticlly slows down and builds up faster 06:00

1-4 Rock right forward, recover, rock right back recover
*** On a final note have fun, it’s a good sing-a-long, to make it even more fun stand in lines and hold hands from counts 1-16 with dancers to the right and left of you, let go after count 16 otherwise you will get injured ***** – – mobile number: 07739 352209