Count:  32

Wall:  4

Level:  Intermediate

Choreographer:  Amy Glass (July 2014)

Music:  Don’t by Ed Sheeran (3:39; 95 BPM). iTunes

#16 count intro; Dance starts on lyrics.


Walk r, l, out, out, in, cross, hip bump ¼ l, coaster

1-2 Walk forward r, l
&3&4 Step r out, l out, r in, cross l over r
5-6 Bump r hip to r side, place weight on r while turning ¼ l (9:00)
7&8 Step l back, r beside l, l forward (9:00)


Kick ball, rock recover, cross & cross, sway, sway, sway with ¼ l, kick ball step

1& Kick r foot forward, step on ball of r foot
2& Rock l to l side, recover weight on r
3&4 Cross l over r, step r to r, cross l over r
5-6-7 Step r to r while swaying r, sway l, sway r while turning ¼ l (6:00)
8&1 Kick l foot, step on ball of l, step forward r (6:00)


Touch, prep, ¼ r, ¾ r ending with point, ¼ l step/sweep, cross

2 Touch ball of l foot next to r
3 Step l to l side, prep to turn r by actually stepping more to 4:30
4 Turn ¼ r stepping forward r (3:00)
5&6 Turn ¾ r stepping forward l (3:00), pivot ½ r (9:00), turn ¼ r pointing l to l (6:00)
7 Turn ¼ l while placing weight on l and sweeping r in front of l (3:00)
8 Cross r over l


Step back, side rock, step back, side rock, step back, walk r, l, paddle turn ¼ x 2

1 Step back on l
2&3 Rock r to r side, recover weight on l, step back r
&4& Rock l to l side, recover weight on r, step back l
5-6 Walk forward r, l
&7 (hitch r)** turn ¼ l while pointing r to r side (paddle turn) (12:00)
&8 (hitch r)** turn ¼ l while pointing r to r side (paddle turn) (9:00)
**styling these paddle turns are intended to be smooth, so while turning ¼ the r knee technically hitches, don’t exaggerate the hitch but rather focus on pointing the r foot
Overall styling: this dance is west coast swing rhythm and should be danced smoothly.
The kick ball steps should have no “hop” to them and could be thought of as a touch-ball-step.
Imagine your feet are gliding on the floor while dancing this dance.
Ending: on the 10th wall, the paddle turns will take you back to the back wall and the music ends.
When doing these paddle turns, paddle back to the front wall instead.
Have fun!
Last update – 8th jan 2015