Wagon Wheel Rock

Wagon Wheel Rock

Count:  64

Wall:  4

Level:  Improver / Easy Intermediate

Choreographer:  Yvonne Anderson, (Aug 2012)

Music:  Wagon Wheel by Nathan Carter, [Single – iTunes]

Notes: Start on vocal, 3 restarts (Sounds a lot but it is really easy – see restart note) Dance finishes facing 12


Cross Rock, Recover, Side Rock Recover, Behind, ¼, ½, Kick

1-4 Rock R across left, Recover weight on L, Rock R to right, Recover weight on L [12]
5-8 Step R behind left, ¼ turn left stepping L forward, ½ turn left stepping R back, Kick L forward [3]


Rock Back, Recover, Step, Spiral Turn, Shuffle Forward

1-4 Rock L back, Recover weight on R, Step L forward, On ball of L make full spiral turn right [3]
5-8 Shuffle forward stepping R, L, R, Hold [3]


Step ¼, Touch, Step ¼ Touch, Side, Hold, Rock Back, Recover

1-2 ¼ turn right stepping L to side, Touch R toes beside left [6]
3-4 ¼ turn right stepping R forward, Touch L toes beside right [9]
5-6 Step L to left, Hold [9]
7-8 Rock R behind left, Recover weight on L [9]
(Hand movements counts 1-2, raise hands and sway to the right, finger snap. Counts 3-4 repeat to left)


Side, Together, Forward, Scuff, Stomp, Twist, Twist, Hold

1-4 Step R to right, Step L beside right, Step R forward, Scuff L heel forward [9]
5-6 Stomp L forward, Bend knees and twist heels 1/8 turn left [11.30]
7-8 Twist heels 1/8 turn right, Straighten knees and hold (weight on R) [9]
*** Restart – During walls 3 (facing 3), 6 (facing 6), 9 (facing 9) ***


Cross, Back, Back, Kick, Cross, Back, Back, Hold

1-2 Step L across right, Step R back to right diagonal [11.30]
3-4 Step L back to left diagonal, Kick R across left [7.30]
5-6 Step R across left, Step L back to left diagonal [7.30]
7-8 Step R to right (squaring off to wall), Brush L across right [9]


Cross Toe Strut, Side Toe Strut, Sailor ½ Turn Left

1-2 Step L toes across right, Drop L heel to floor [9]
3-4 Step R toes to right, Drop R heel to floor [9]
5-8 ¼ turn left stepping L behind right, ¼ turn left stepping R slightly back, Step L slightly forward, Hold [3]


Shuffle Forward, Hold, Step Pivot ½ Right , I/2 Right, Hold

1-4 Shuffle forward stepping R, L, R, Hold [3]
5-6 Step L forward, ½ turn right taking weight on right [9]
7-8 ½ turn right stepping L back, hold [3]


Shuffle Back, Hold, Coaster Step, Hold

1-4 Shuffle back stepping R, L, R, Hold [3]
5-8 Step L back, Step R beside left, Step L forward, Hold [3]
(Harder alternate counts 5-8 full triple turn left (on the spot) stepping L, R, L, hold)
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