Raggle Taggle Gypsy O

Raggle Taggle Gypsy O

Count:  32

Wall:  4

Level:  High Improver

Choreographer:  Maggie Gallagher (April 2014)

Music:  Raggle Taggle Gypsy – Derek Ryan (iTunes)

Intro: Start on vocals

S1: Heel & Heel & Rumba Box, R Coaster

1&2& Tap right heel forward, Step right next to left, Tap left heel forward, Step left next to right
3&4& Step right to right side, Step left next to right, Step forward on right, Touch left next to right
5&6 Step left to left side, Step right next to left, Step back left
7&8 Step back on right, Step left next to right, Step forward on right

S2: Walk Clap X 2, Mambo ½ Turn, R Lock Step L Lock Step Touch

1&2& Walk left, Clap, Walk right, Clap
3&4 Rock forward left, Recover on right, ½ left stepping forward left [6:00]
5&6 Step forward right, Lock left behind right, Step forward right
&7&8 Step forward left, Lock right behind left, Step forward left, Touch right next to left

S3: & Cross, ¼, Step Turn Step, R Shuffle, L Shuffle

&1-2 Step right slightly to right side, Cross left over right, ¼ right stepping forward on right
3&4 Step forward on left, ½ pivot right, Step forward on left [3:00] *Restart Walls 1, 3, 5
5&6 Step forward on right, Step left next to right, Step forward on right
7&8 Step forward on left, Step right next to left, Step forward on left
(Option count 7&8: Triple full turn right travelling forwards)

S4: Fwd Rock Side Rock, Behind Side Cross, Side Rock Cross Side, Behind Stomp, Stomp Hitch

1&2& Rock forward right, Recover on left, Rock right to right side, Recover on left
3&4 Cross right behind left, Step left to left side, Cross right over left
5&6& Rock left to left side, Recover on right, Cross left over right, Step right to right side
7&8& Cross left behind right, Stomp right out to right side, Stomp left next to right, Little hitch right knee

Restart: After 20 counts wall 1 [3:00], wall 3 [9:00], wall 5 [3:00]


Ending: After 15& counts (left lock step), ½ turn body to right stomping right forward [12:00]

Dedicated to all the dancers at Noel & Joan’s event in Carlow, Ireland
Thank you to Michal Smal for suggesting the music
Contact: www.maggieg.co.uk