Bosa Nova EZ

Bosa Nova Ez

Count:  32

Wall:  4

Level:  Beginner

Choreographer:  Lisa McCammon (July 2012)

Music:  Blame It On The Bossa Nova by Jane McDonald (164 BPM)

16 count intro – start weight on right
This is an easier version of Phil Dennington’s popular dance Bosa Nova.
It’s intended to be used as a floor split so everyone can take the floor when it’s requested–which is all the time!


Basic l, touch, basic r, kick

1-4 Step l to side, step r next to l, step l to side, touch r next to l
5-8 Step r to side, step l next to r, step r to side, kick l to l diagonal


Behind, turn, fwd, hold, r fwd mambo, hold

1-4 Step l behind r, turn ¼ r [3] stepping fwd r, step fwd l, hold
5-8 Rock fwd r, rec l, step slightly back r, hold


Back, lock, back, hold, r coaster step, hold

1-4 Step back l, cross r slightly over l, step back l, hold
5-8 Step back r, step l next to r, step fwd r, hold


Walk, hold, walk, hold, walk, hold, stomp, hold

1-8 Step fwd l, hold, step fwd r, hold, step fwd l, hold, stomp r, hold
All rights reserved, july 2012.