Count:  32

Wall:  4

Level:  Beginner / Intermediate – West Coast Swing

Choreographer:  Michele Perron

Music:  Push by Dannii Minogue

Locking Triple Forward, Touch, Touch, Touch, Turn/’dip’, Twist, Twist/Turn

1&2 Step right forward, lock left behind right, step right forward
3-4 Touch left forward, touch left to side
5-6 Touch left back, turn ¼ left and step left in place (9:00)
Squat, In Second Position, Weight On Both Feet, Hands May Be Placed On Top Of Each Thigh
7-8 Turn ¼ right, turn ¼ left (weight to right, 6:00)
Turns on counts 7-8 are still in dip position

Forward, Triple Forward, Mambo Forward, Mambo Back, Kick

1 Step left forward
2&3 Step right forward, step left together, step right forward
4&5 Rock left forward, recover to right, step left back
6&7 Rock right back, recover to left, step right forward
8 Kick left forward (low)

Over, Turn, Side-Over-Side, Behind-Side-Over-Side, Side/Kick

1-2 Cross left over right, turn ¼ left and step right back (3:00)
&3-4 Step left to side, cross right over left, step left to side
5&6 Cross right behind left, step left to side, cross right over left
7-8 Big step left to side, kick right to side
Kick low, leaning left. Push both arms side right

Side, Together, Triple Side Right, Turn/Forward, Turn/Forward, Turn/Back, Touch

1-2 Step right to side, step left together
3&4 Step right to side, step left together, step right to side (toe turned out)
5 Turn ¼ right and step left forward (6:00)
6 Turn ½ right and step right forward (12:00)
7 Turn ¼ right and step left back (3:00)
8 Touch right slightly forward
Bend knees and optionally head whip to left

Optional introduction:

Listen for the telephone ring, then on first vocal of ”push”, straighten one arm out with flexed hand position (palm facing out) (shoulder height), then release. On next two ”push” vocals, repeat arm push (dancer chooses which arm and direction to push). Then there will be four quick ”push(es)”: Straighten both arms forward beginning step to body and finish fully extended (pumping action). Then release arms and the music will begin, wait 16 counts and begin dance



You will be facing 3:00 wall with left kick forward (count 16). ”push” left arm to front wall, head looks left, (to front wall). Hold this pose and listen for the telephone hang up!