Count:  32

Wall:  2

Level:  Intermediate

Choreographer:  Elvy Wadh (Sweden) May 2011

Music:  Dearly Dearly Darling by Jimmy Lagnefors. [Mamas Boys – movie]

Section 1: Toe-touches, right sailor step, left sailor step

1-4 Cross r toe in front of lf, touch out to left side x 2.
5&6 Rf behind lf, lf to left side, rf to right side.
7&8 Lf behind rf, rf to right side, lf to left side.

Section 2: 1/2 unwind, left crosshuffle, right side steps.

1-2 Touch r toe behind lf, unwind ½ turn right (6 o´clock, weight on rf)
3&4 Cross lf over rf, small step to right with rf, cross lf over rf.
5-6 Rf to right side, step lf next to rf.
7-8 Rf to right side, touch lf next to rf.
(Swing r arm in the air, anti clockweiss, like a lasso, when you do step 5-8 )
* Restarts are here

Section 3: Left chasse with 1/4 turn l, heel switches, charlton steps with clap.

1&2 Step lf to left side, step rf next to lf, make ¼ turn l, step lf forward.
3&4& Touch r heel forward, step rf beside lf, touch l heel forward, step lf beside rf.
5-6 Step rf forward to the r diagonal, kick lf forward & clap.
7-8 Step lf back to l diagonal, touch r toe back & clap.

Section 4: 1/2 step turn left, 1/4 step turn left with finger clicks, right jazzbox.

1-2 Step rf forward, ½ turn left, finger clicks on count 2.
3-4 Step rf forward, ¼ turn left, finger clicks on count 4.
5-8 Cross rf over lf, step back on lf, step rf to right side, step lf forward.
Restart nr 1: Section 2 on wall 4 (12 o´clock), step lf next to rf instead of touch.
Restart nr 2:Ssection 2 on wall 9 (6 o´clock), same step as restart 1.
Tag: 8 counts. – after wall 7 (6 o´clock)
1-4 Swivel both heels to right, swivel toes to right, swivel heels to right & clap.
5-8 Swivel both heels to left, swivel toes to left, swivel heels to left & clap.
Start again & enjoy.
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Jimmy Lagnefors – Dearly Dearly Darling.mp3