Within Easy Reach

Within Easy Reach

Count:  24

Wall:  4

Level:  Beginner

Choreographer:  Rob Fowler

Music:  Reach by Vonnie Johnston

Step Turn Back Together

1 Step forward left
2 Make ½ turn left stepping back on right
3 Step back left
4 Step back right
5 Step left together
6 Step right together

Left Twinkle, Right Twinkle

7 Step left diagonally forward across right
8 Step right together
9 Step left together
10-12 Repeat 7-9 on opposite foot

Make ¼ Turn Step Back

13 Step forward left
14 Make ¼ turn left stepping right next to left
15 Step left next to right
16 Step back right
17 Step back left
18 Cross right over left

Step Long To Left, Long To Right

19 Step left to left side
20 Slide right to left
21 Touch right next to left
22-23-24 Repeat 19-21 on opposite foot