The Picnic Polka

The Picnic Polka

Count:  48

Wall:  4

Level:  Line / Partner dance

Choreographer:  David Paden

Music:  Cowboy Sweetheart by LeAnn Rimes

Right Toe/Heel, Cha-Cha-Cha

1 Touch right toe to left instep
2 Touch right heel to left instep
3&4 Shuffle in place right-left-right

Left Toe/Heel, Cha, Cha, Cha

5 Touch left toe to right instep
6 Touch left heel to right instep
7&8 Shuffle in place left-right-left

Shuffle Forward And Back

1&2 Shuffle forward right-left-right
3&4 Shuffle forward left-right-left
5&6 Shuffle backward right-left-right
7&8 Shuffle backward left-right-left

Vines & Stomps

1-4 Rolling vine to right, stomp and clap on count 4
5-8 Rolling vine to left, stomp and clap on count 8

Two Right Kick-Ball-Changes/Two ½ Turn Pivots Left

1&-2 Right kick-ball-change
3&-4 Right kick-ball-change
5-6 ½ turn pivot to left
7-8 ½ turn pivot to left

Stomp, Claps

1 Stomp right foot
2-4 Clap hands three times (keep weight on right foot)


5&6 Cross left foot over right and shuffle to right (left-right-left)
7&8 Turn ¼ right and shuffle forward (right-left-right)
1&2 Turn ¼ right and side shuffle to left (left-right-left)
3&4 Turn ¼ right and shuffle backwards (right-left-right)

Walk Forward With Stomp

5-7 Walk forward left-right-left
8 Stomp right foot home