Pop, Lock & Drop

Pop, Lock & Drop

Count:  64

Wall:  2

Level:  Advanced

Choreographer:  Shaz Walton (Sept 09)

Music:  Fire Burnin’ by Sean Kingston

Count in 48 counts. Options in italics

Knee Pop. Hold. Pop. Pop. Heel Drop. Slide. ¼. Touch.

1-2 Pop Right knee forward. Hold
3-4 Pop left knee forward. Pop right knee forward. (raise right up onto Ball of foot while popping knee)
5-6 Using ball of right foot slide right towards left. Drop heel of right as you raise left leg to side.
7-8 Make ¼ right as you bring left up and step it forward. Touch right beside left.

Side. Together. Side. Together. Side Steps X3. Step. ¼

1-2 Step right to right. Step left beside right.
3-4 Step right to right. Touch left beside right
(End this sequence facing slightly to the diagonal – Funk up your arms!! Punch both arms forward – Elbows bent on counts 1 & 3)
5&6 Making small steps- Step left to side. Step right beside left. Step left to left.
&7 Step right beside left. Step left to left
&8 Start to straighten as you step right beside left. Step left ¼ left (12 o clock) (arch your back- use your initiative with your arms)
** restart here facing the front on 3rd wall**

Step. Back Slide/ Kick. Touch. ½. ½. Crouch Kick.step.kick. Cross. Point.

1-2 Step right beside left as you push left leg back (sliding toe across floor) Touch left toe behind (Left leg straight out behind you)
3-4 Make ½ turn left dropping weight onto left. Make ½ turn left stepping right beside left.
5&6 Bending forward kick left forward. Step left beside right. Kick right forward.
(Punch towards floor on each kick with arms either side of kicking leg)
7-8 Cross right over left. Touch left to left as you straighten up & pop right shoulder out to side.

Shoulder Pops L-R-L ¼ Lunge/Drag. Back. Shuffle ½. ¼ Side.

1-2 Pop left shoulder to left. Pop right shoulder to right. (Contract upper body)
3-4 Pop left shoulder to left as you make ¼ left lunging forward on left. Drag right up behind.
5-6&7 Step back on right. Make a shuffle ½ turn left stepping L-R-L
8 Make ¼ left as you step right to right side.

Angled Dip. Recover. Angled Dip. Recover. Back. Back. Coaster Step.

1-2 Turn body to face left diagonal as you dip back on left. Recover to centre stepping left to left side.
3-4 Turn body to face right diagonal as you dip back on right. Recover to centre stepping right beside left.
5-6 Walk back left. Walk back right.
7&8 Step back left. Step back right. Step forward left.

Kick. Step. Rock. Recover. Kick. Ball. Step. Back ¼. Hop. Step Pivot ½.

1&2 Kick right forward. Step right beside left. Rock forward left.
&3&4 Recover on right.Kick left forward. Step left beside right. Step right forward. (Stomp right forward. Angle body to left diagonal)
5-6 Step back on left as you hop slightly & hitch right knee. Step right down making ¼ right.
7-8 Step forward left. Pivot ½ turn right.

Side/Bump. Bump. Bump. ¼ Back. Lock. Back. Side. Touch.

1-2 Step left to left as you bump hips left. Bump hips right.
3-4 Bump hips left. Bump hips back as you make ¼ left.
5-6 Lock left over right. Step right back.
7-8 Step left to left. Touch right beside left.

Kick. Step. Stomp/Press. Kick. Step. Stomp/Press. Back/Hitch. Back/Hitch. Coaster Side.

1&2 Kick right forward. Step right beside left. Stomp/ Press left forward (Upper body angled to right diagonal)
Keep weight light on left after stomp as you need your left leg next!
3&4 Kick left forward. Step Left beside right. Stomp/ Press Right forward (Upper body angled to left diagonal)
5-6 Step back on left as you hitch right slightly. Step back on right as you hitch left slightly.
7&8 Step back left. Step back right. Step left to left side.

Restart: Wall 3, dance up to count 16 & restart from the beginning – facing the front

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