Lindi Shuffle

Lindi Shuffle

Count:  16

Wall:  2

Level:  Beginner

Choreographer:  Jane Smee

Music:  I Need More Of You by The Bellamy Brothers

Lindi To Right

1 Step right to side
& Close left beside right
2 Step right to side
3 Rock back left
4 Rock forward right

Lindi To Left

5 Step left to side
& Close right beside left
6 Step left to side
7 Rock back right
8 Rock forward left

Shuffles Forward

9 Step forward right
& Close left behind right (3rd)
10 Step forward right
11 Step forward left
& Close right behind left (3rd)
12 Step forward left

Pivot ½-Turn Left & Stomps

13 Step forward right
14 Pivot ½ turn left on balls of both feet ending with weight on left
15 Stomp right
16 Stomp left