J’ai du boogie

J’ai Du Boogie

Count:  64

Wall:  4

Level:  Beginner / Intermediate

Choreographer:  Max Perry

Music:  Jai’ du Boogie by Scooter Lee


2 Toe-Heel Steps Forward, Kick Forward Twice, Step Back, Touch Back

1-4 Step right toe forward, flatten right foot, step left toe forward, flatten left
5-8 Kick right forward twice, step right back, touch left toe back

1 & ½ Turn Left, Hitch

1-2 Step left forward, turn ½ left on ball of left foot
3-4 Step right back, turn ½ left on ball of right foot
5-6 Step left forward, turn ½ left on ball of left foot
7-8 Step right back, hitch left knee
Note: If this is too much turning for you, then just walk forward, forward, forward, step forward & turn ½, hitch

Step Forward, Slide Together, Forward, Scuff, Forward, Slide, Forward, Scuff

1-4 Step left forward, slide right up to left, step left forward, scuff right heel forward
5-8 Step right forward, slide left up to right, step right forward, scuff left heel forward

Toe-Heel Jazz Box Turning ¼ Left

1-4 Cross step left over right with ball of left foot, flatten left foot, step right back with toe, flatten right foot (you may start to turn ¼ left)
5-8 Turning ¼ left step left to left side with ball, flatten left foot, step right next to left, hold & clap

Heel – Toe Twists To The Left Then To The Right

1-4 Twist both heels left, twist both toes left, twist both heels left, hold & clap
5-8 Twist both heels right, twist both toes right, twist both heels right, hold & clap

2 Half Monterey Turns

1-4 Touch right toe to right side, step right next to left as you turn ½ right on ball of left foot then change weight, touch left toe to left side, step left next to right
5-8 Repeat the ½ Monterey turn above

Right side rock step into slow sailor shuffles

Rock, Step, Cross, Rock, Step, Cross, Rock, Step
1-4 Rock right to right side, step left in place, cross right behind left, rock left to left side
5-8 Step right in place, cross left behind right, rock right to right side, step left foot in place

2 Slow ½ Turns Left

1-4 Step right forward, hold, turn ½ left & step on left foot, hold
5-8 Repeat the ½ turn (1-4 above)