Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker

Count:  32

Wall:  4

Level:  Beginner

Choreographer:  Mary Kelly

Music:  Hold Your Horses by E-Type

Left Weave, Point, Right Weave, Point

1-2 Cross right over left, step left on left
3-4 Cross right behind left, touch left back diagonal. Left
5-6 Cross left over right, step right on right
7-8 Cross left behind right, touch right back diagonal. Right

Cross, Point, Cross, Point, ¼ Turn Box Step

9-10 Cross right over left, touch left to left
11-12 Cross left over right, touch right to right
13-14 Cross right over left, step back on left
15-16 Step ¼ turn right on right, close left beside right

Rock Forward, In Place, Step Back, Clap, Rock Back, In Place, Step Forward, Clap

17-18 Rock forward on right, rock back in place on left
19-20 Step back on right, hold with one clap
21-22 Rock back on left, rock forward in place on right
23-24 Step forward on left, hold with one clap

Step, ½ Pivot, Shuffle Forward, Two Kicks & Point

25-26 Step forward on right, pivot ½ turn left
27&28 Step forward on right, close left, step forward on right
29-30 Kick left forward twice
& Close left beside right
31-32 Touch right to right, hold for one count