I Want That Man

I Want That Man

Count:  64

Wall:  2

Level:  Intermediate

Choreographer:  Simon Ward and Jo & John Kinser, Feb 2010

Music:  I Want That Man, By Deborah Harry

Start 32 counts in on the vocals (0:16)


Side, Rock Step, Side Close ¼, Step Full Turn, Step Lock Back

1-2-3 Step Rt to Rt, Cross/rock Lt over Rt, Recover weight back on Rt
4&5 Step Lt to Lt, Step Rt beside Lt, Step Lt to Lt side making ¼ turn Lt (9.00)
6-7 Step Rt fwd, Pivot ½ turn Lt taking weight onto Lt (3.00)
8&1 Make ½ turn Lt stepping back Rt, Lock Lt in front of Rt, Step back Rt (9.00)


Rock Step, Step Lock Fwd, Point Fwd – Side, Behind Side Cross

2-3 Rock/step Lt back, Rock/recover Rt fwd
4&5 Step Lt fwd, Lock/step Rt behind Lt, Step Lt fwd
6-7 Touch Rt toe fwd, Point Rt toe to Rt side
8&1 Step Rt behind Lt, Step Lt to Lt side, Cross/step Rt over Lt


Rock Step, Behind Side ¼ Turn, Rocking Chair

2-3 Rock Lt to Lt, Rock/recover side Rt
4&5 Step Lt behind Rt, Make ¼ Rt stepping Rt fwd, Step Lt slightly fwd (12.00)
6-7 Rock Rt fwd, Rock/recover Lt back
8-1 Rock/step Rt back, Rock Lt fwd


Step ½ Turn, Stomp Rt Fwd, Stomp Lt, Stomp Rt Up, Hold, Ball Cross

2-3 Step Rt fwd, Pivot ½ turn Lt taking weight Lt (6.00)
4-5 Stomp Rt fwd, Stomp Lt to Lt side
6-7 Stomp Rt to Rt side (Stomp Up) weight stays Lt, Hold
&8 Step Rt beside Lt, Cross/step Lt over Rt


Rt Toe Strut, Cross Lt Toe Strut, Rock, Recover, Cross, ¼ Turn

1-2 Touch Rt toe to Rt side, Drop Rt heel weight Rt
3-4 Cross/touch Lt toe over Rt, Drop Lt heel weight Lt
5-6 Rock Rt to Rt, Rock/recover weight Lt
7-8 Cross/step Rt over Lt, Make ¼ Rt stepping back Lt (9.00)


Step, Turn, Step, ¼ Chasse Step, Cross/Rock, Recover, Chasse Step

1-2-3 Make 3/8 turn Rt stepping Rt fwd (1.30), Step Lt fwd, Pivot ½ turn Rt (7.30)
4&5 Make ¼ turn Rt stepping Lt to Lt (10.30), Step Rt beside Lt, Step Lt to Lt (10.30)
6-7 Cross/rock Rt over Lt, Rock/recover weight Lt
8&1 Step Rt to Rt, Step Lt beside Rt, Step Rt to Rt
Restarts here on count 1 on walls 2 and 4.


Cross Point, Cross Back, ½ Turn, Rock Step

2-3 Cross/step Lt over Rt, Point Rt toe to Rt (still facing 10.30)
4-5 Cross/step Rt over Lt, Step Lt back squaring up to (12.00), 1/8 Rt
6-7 Make ½ turn Rt stepping Rt fwd, Rock/step Lt fwd (6.00)
8 Rock/step Rt back


Back, Back, Coaster Step, Fwd Rt, Lt, Rt, Lt (Prissy Walks)

1-2 Step Lt back, Step Rt back
3&4 Step Lt back, Step Rt beside Lt, Step Lt fwd
5-8 Walk fwd Rt, Lt, Rt, Lt (cross legs slightly while travelling forward, walk with attitude)


Walls 2 (back wall) and 4 (front wall) you will restart after count 48& (straighten up to new wall)

Jo – jo@jjkdancin.Com – simon – bellychops@hotmail.Com