I Dance

I Dance

Count:  32

Wall:  4

Level:  Intermediate

Choreographer:  Susan Puruleski (Sept 08)

Music:  Let’s Dance by Hannah Montana (CD: Meet Miley Cyrus)

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Walk, Walk, Step-Lock-Step, Chase ½ Turn Right, ½ Turn Left, ¼ Turn Left

1-2 Walk forward right, walk forward left
3&4 Step forward right, lock left behind right, step forward right
5&6 Step forward left, ½ turn to right stepping on right, step left forward
7-8 ½ turn left stepping right back, ¼ turn left stepping left forward

¼ Turn Left Slide Step Right, Hold, Rock & Side, Behind Side Cross, Sway Recover

1-2 ¼ turn to left as you slide step with right, hold count 2
&3-4 Rock left behind right, step right, step left to side
5&6 Right behind left, left out to side, cross right in front of left
7-8 Step left out to side while swaying hips left and back to right

Cross Behind Unwind ¾ Left, Right Mambo Cross, Left Mambo Cross, Coaster Step

1-2 Cross left behind right, unwinding ¾ to left
&3-4 Step right out to right side, step left, cross right in front of left
&5-6 Step left to side, step right, cross left in front of right
7&8 Step right back, bring left together, step right forward

Step ½ Turn Right, Kick & Touch, Point & Point, Body Roll

1-2 Step left forward, ½ turn to right stepping on right
3&4 Kick left, step left, touch right popping knee out
5&6& Point right to side, step right, point left to side, step left
7-8 Body roll from lower body to upper body

Tag: After 2nd wall cross left over right turn full 4 count turn to right, then restart