Good Time

Good Time

Count:  48

Wall:  4

Level:  Improver

Choreographer:  Jenny Cain, Nashville TN

Music:  “Good Time” by Alan Jackson


Toe, heel steps

Walk forward r (1,2) l (3,4) r (5,6) l (7,8)


Side steps

R out to r side (1), slide back together with l (2) repeat exactly (3,4)


Grapevine to r with a spin

R out to r side (5), spin to r (6) {full turn & back to original position}, r out to r side(7), then together & clap (8)


(Repeat last 8 count exactly, but this time to the left. replace the r’s with l’s)



Knee lifts while going backward

Bring r knee up (1) & down (2), bring l knee up (3) & down (4),
Bring r knee up (5) & down (6)
(Each knee lift should be at an angle and not straight in front. also each step down should be placed slightly behind so that you actually are walking backward)


Jump steps

Jump in place landing with feet crossed r over l (7)
Jump, quarter turn in air to l, landing with feet apart (8)


“Cha cha’s” or “shuffle steps”

Cha cha forward- r together r (1 and 2)
L lunge forward, rock & recover (3,4)
Cha cha backward- l together l (5 and 6)
R lunge backward, rock & recover (7,8)


“Shimmy steps” or “bounce steps”

R out to r side {body slightly down} (1,2)
Bring l together {standing back up straight} (3,4)
R out to r side again {body slightly down{ (5,6)
Bring l together {standing back up straight} (7,8)