Dance Alone

Dance Alone

Count:  32

Wall:  4

Level:  Improver

Choreographer:  Louise Elfvengren Olatoye (March 2011)

Music:  Dance Alone by Love Generation

Intro: 32 counts

Section 1: Kick ball step, rock side rec. back – ¼ turn , shuffle

1&2 Kick right fw, step down right on ball, step down on left.
3-4 Rock right side, recover onto left
5-6 Step right behind left, turn ¼ left stepping down on left, (9)
7&8 Step right forward, step left beside right, step right forward

Section 2: Rock fw, ½ shuffle turn left x 2, step – touch

1-2 Rock left forward, recover onto right
3&4 Turn ½ left shuffle left-right-left (3)
5&6 Turn ½ left shuffle right-left-right (9)
7-8 Step down on left, touch right beside left.

Section 3: Monterey ½ right with cross, chasse right, rock bw rec.

1-4 Point right to side, turn ½ right, point left to side, cross left over right. (3)
5&6 Step right to right, step left next to right, step right to right side
7-8 Rock left backward, recover onto right.

Section 4: Step, hold, step, touch. pivot ½ left, pivot ½ left

1-2 Step left to left, hold.
&3-4 Step right next to left, step left to left, touch right next to left.
5-6 Step right forward, turn ½ left stepping forward on left (9)
7-8 Step right forward, turn ½ left stepping forward on left (3)
Tag, 4 counts – after wall 2 + wall 6 (both times 6 o clock):
Stand still and bend diagonally forward to right for every beat (totally 4)