Count:  32

Wall:  4

Level:  Beginner

Choreographer:  Barry Durand

Music:  Slow by Kylie Minogue

Tap steps, stationary pivot, triple step

1-4 Tap forward left, step on left, tap forward right, step on right
5-6 Stationary pivot turn to right by stepping forward left, ½ turn to right step on right
7&8 Triple step forward left, right, left
Tap steps, stationary pivot, triple step

Same as above but starting on other foot

1-4 Tap forward right, step on right, tap forward left, step on left
5-6 Stationary pivot turn to left by stepping forward right, ½ turn to left step on left
7&8 Triple step forward right, left, right

Kick ball press ¼ turn, heel drops, brush point tap, back and tap

1&2 Kick ball change ending with press on right by kicking left, step together with left, turn ¼ turn to right and press forward on right ball of foot
3-4 Drop right heel 2 times
5&6 Slightly brushing the floor with left point left in front of you slightly off the floor, jump forward slightly as step on left, tap right behind and crossed
7&8 Hold, jump back onto right, tap left together with right turning body ¼ turn to right but still facing same direction
I don't consider this a turn. just tapping together with both knees slightly bent and left hip facing the original direction facing when doing the jump. body does feel like it made a ¼ turn right. prepare to do hip roll

Hip roll step, syncopated vine

1-3 Roll left hip in a circle starting forward then left, back, right, forward
4-5 Finish hip roll with a ¼ turn for your body and side step to left, step side right
6&7-8 Cross behind left, side right, cross front left, side right
When you do the hip roll and then step side, you should be facing the wall you were facing for the jumps on the side step