To The Moon

To The Moon

Count:  32

Wall:  4

Level:  Beginner/intermediate

Choreographer:  Rosie Multari

Music:  Fly Me To The Moon by Scooter Lee

Lock Steps

1-4 Step forward right, slide left behind right, step forward right, brush left
5-8 Step forward left, slide right behind left, step forward left, brush right

Rock Steps, Two ¼ Paddle Turns

9-12 Rock forward right, replace weight onto left, rock back right, replace weight onto left
13-16 Step forward right, pivot on balls of both feet turning ¼ left shifting weight to left, repeat

Cross Weave & Point

17-20 Cross right over left, step left to side, step right behind left, point left to side
21-24 Cross left over right, step right to side, step left behind right, point right to side

Jazz Cross & Point, Jazz Box ¼ Right

25-28 Cross right over left (moving forward), point left to side, cross left over right (moving forward), point right to side
29-32 Cross right over left, step back slightly on left, ¼ turn right as you step right, step left next to right
For more styling and comfort, move your upper body in the direction of the steps, so that when you point your left, you’ll be facing the right corner, and when you point your right you’ll be facing the left corner. As you start the final 8 counts, moving forward, you should again be facing forward.