Country 2 Step

Country 2 Step

Count:  40

Wall:  4

Level:  Beginner two step

Choreographer:  Masters In Line

Music:  I Just Want My Baby Back by Jerry Kilgore

Step forward right, hold, step forward left, hold, step forward right, turn ½ twice back

1-4 (SS) Step right forward, hold, step left forward, hold
5-8 (QQS) Step right forward, turn ½ left (weight to right), turn ½ left and step right back, hold

Step back left, hold, step back right hold, slow coaster step, hold

9-12 (SS) Step left back, hold, step right back, hold
13-16 (QQS) Step left back, step right together, step left forward, hold

Right rock & cross, hold, left rock & cross, hold

17-20 (QQS) Rock right to side, recover onto left, cross right over left, hold
21-24 (QQS) Rock left to side, recover onto right, cross left over right, hold

Rock right diagonally forward hold, rock back, behind, side, cross, hold

25-28 (SS) Rock right diagonally forward, hold, recover onto left, hold
29-32 (QQS) Cross right behind left, step left to side, cross right over left, hold

Rock left diagonally forward, cross behind, turn ¼, step, hold

33-36 (SS) Rock left diagonally forward, hold, recover onto right, hold
37-40 (QQS) Cross left behind right, turn ¼ right and step right forward, step left forward, hold